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Common Ground Proactive Partnership "PP Tool"

The Proactive Partnership Tool

Will your business partnership be a stunning success, or end in mythic calamity?

Whether you are considering a partnership, or you are in one already, it's important to manage the risks. Partnerships bring synergies, but can fall apart messily, or struggle on in misery.  It takes a bit of work and prevention.  This tool begins the conversation that can lead to a tailored Partnership Agreement.  
The first part takes about 3 minutes, the full online process is about 45 minutes.  

About The Creator
I am Daryl Landau, President of Common Ground.  I created this tool so busy entrepreneurs could start their conversations online.  I developed it after mediating some business disputes, and after being involved in some of my own.  I have had good experiences too, and believe in the potential of business collaborations.  
I come from a family business of mediators, have a Master's degree in conflict resolution, and authored the ebook Firm Foundation about