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Test Your Knowledge on Nutrition

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Which of these foods may need to be limited when following a renal diet?
Answer: All of the above. All of these items are higher in sodium, phosphorus or potassium than is recommended for most people following a kidney diet.
Which of the following is not filtered by the kidneys:
Answer: Fat. Water, sodium, potassium and phosphorus are all filtered by your kidneys. When kidney function begins to decline it becomes more difficult for your body to filter water, sodium, potassium and phosphorus.
True or False: Potassium is required to be listed on the Nutrition Facts table.
Answer: False. Potassium isn't always listed in the Nutrition Facts table because it isn't one of the 13 core nutrients that are mandatory. This can make it very difficult for people who have to monitor their daily intake of potassium for their kidney diet.