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CRA Board of Directors Nomination Form

Some general information about the board...
  • Terms are 2 years (up to 3 consecutive terms)
  • 5 meetings per year
    • 4 in-person
      • At ASM (half day) - February/March
      • Board Spring Retreat (1.5-2 days) - April
      • Board Fall Retreat (1.5-2 days) - September
      • At ACR meeting (half day) - November
    • 1 teleconference - June
    • Other meetings as required
  • Provided with honorarium for in-person meetings:
    • ASM & ACR meetings - provided with  $750 half day honorarium only
    • Spring & Fall Retreats - provided with $750/half day honorarium plus travel expenses (Board travel guidelines apply)
  • Must commit to participate on one of the 4 Board Committees - frequency of meetings and workload depends on committee
    • Education
    • Finance & Risk Management
    • Member Engagement
    • Nominations
  • Board members are committed to the regular duties of any Board (duties of care, loyalty, due diligence, fiduciary, etc.) and, if in compliance, are covered under the CRA's Directors and Officers Liability Insurance coverage
  • Board governs the organization by:
    • Establishing governance policies and strategic priorities
    • Ensuring the availability of adequate financial resources
    • Approving annual budget
  • Board operates through policy governance:
    • Sets policy
    • Hires a CEO to implement the policies 
  • CEO is
    • Responsible for carrying out the day to day work of the organization, with the assistance of paid staff and volunteers
    • Directly accountable to the Board
    • Responsible for hiring, supervising and releasing both paid staff and volunteers
Nomination Deadline:  December 15, 2017
1. Thank you for your interest in the CRA Board of Directors.  Please check the applicable box below: *This question is required.