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2017 FMF Attendee Survey

Your feedback is important to us in planning next year’s FMF.

1. Attendance: I attended FMF on the following days (check all that apply)  *This question is required.
2. Education: What I learned at FMF will have an impact on: 
Space Cell Strongly disagreeDisagreeUndecidedAgreeStrongly agreeNot applicable
My practice
My Teaching Activities
My Research Activities
3. FMF Program Information: Please rate the following items in terms of usefulness

Space Cell Not useful at allSlightly usefulModerately usefulVery usefulExtremely usefulNot applicable
Online Program
Exhibit Hall Guide
Onsite Signs
Social Media
4. I'd like to see more sessions on (check all that apply):
5. I'd like to see fewer sessions on (check all that apply): 

 What do you consider to be the most important reasons you attend FMF (check all that apply)?


7. Would you be interested in more online learning opportunities?

Space Cell Not at all interestedSlightly interestedModerately interestedVery interestedExtremely interestedNot applicableUndecided
Live streaming
On demand sessions
8. Networking: FMF provides not only a forum for learning but also an opportunity for delegates to network with colleagues. Please leave comments/suggestions for additional networking opportunities at FMF.
Space Cell YesNoUndecided
Do you feel that there was ample time provided for you to network with colleagues.
Do you feel that you took full advantage of these networking opportunities?
9. Which of the following meal/refreshment functions do you attend at FMF: 
Space Cell NeverRarelyMost DaysDaily
A.M. Break
FMF Lunch
P.M. Break
10. Please provide feedback on any of these special events you attend
Space Cell Did not enjoyNeutralEnjoyed the eventDid not attend
FMF Welcome Reception
FMF Closing Celebration
Section of Researchers Dinner
Section of Teachers Dinner
CFPC Awards Gala
Student & Resident Social
Student & Resident Luncheon
First Five Years in Family Practice Luncheon
Convocation Ceremony
11. Exhibits: Did you visit the Exhibit Hall? 
12. How do you feel that Health Care Pharmaceutical Industry (HPI) exhibitors were represented at FMF?
12. Would you prefer the FMF Exhibit Hall / Marketplace eliminate all HPI participants?

Would you be willing to pay approximately 20% more to attend FMF without HPI exhibitors?