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Connect and Prepare Expression of Interest





How does it work?


As part of the Resilient Streets program, Building Resilient Neighbourhoods and Victoria Ready are offering the Connect and Prepare pilot program to three select groups of neighbours living in either a multi-unit building or on the same street. Each location/project requires one or more “resident co-champions” to help us launch and implement the program, which will involve convening neighbours for 2-3 workshops from January through March of 2018 about emergency preparedness, neighbour connections and resilience.


Here’s what we’ll need from you:


By filling out this application, you’ll be letting us know that you would like to work with us and be a “co-champion” for this pilot project on your street or in your multi-unit apartment or condominium building. Being a co-champion involves the following commitments:

  • You’ll identify at least one or two other neighbours who will commit to being “co-champions” of this pilot project with you.
  • You and/or one of the other co-champions will attend a fun and informal orientation session with us in December to learn more about the program and gather tools and resources to get started.
  • You’ll reach out to some or all of your neighbours on your street or in your building to invite them to participate in the pilot project.
  • You’ll host three neighbour gatherings in your home or work with us and your neighbours to identify another host location for gatherings between January-March 2018. These gatherings can be customized for your street or building and may be small or large groups of neighbours, depending on what works best for you.
  • You’ll collaborate with your neighbours to facilitate the development of activities or projects that enhance neighbour connections, resilience and preparedness.
  • You’ll share your experiences, provide feedback and engage in  evaluation & learning activities about this pilot project.


What you and your neighbours will get:

In addition to strengthened connections with neighbours, fun gatherings, and becoming more prepared for emergencies, you’ll receive the following support:
  • An orientation for Block Champions and helpful tools such as neighbour invitations and program materials to get you started and organize your gatherings
  • Three $50 Resilient Street “Party with a Purpose” micro-grants to help cover refreshments and other costs for convening your neighbour gatherings
  • Facilitation support and professional resource people from Building Resilient Neighbourhoods and Victoria Ready to provide emergency preparedness and community building expertise
  • Program materials and templates such as emergency preparedness checklists, discussion guides and a Street Map and Inventory
  • A customized bin of up to $500 worth of shared emergency supplies and equipment to be shared by neighbours on your block/in your building
  • Access to $200 Resilient Streets project micro-grants for other projects/activities neighbours may wish to undertake together on your street/building.
Deadline for Expressions of Interest: December 7th, 2017
3. Contact Person

Is your pilot location a:


To what extent are neighbours on your street or in your building currently connected?


How did you hear about the Connect and Prepare pilot?

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