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Quest Milton Gaming App - Beta

4. Android or IOS? *This question is required.

The Personal Information you provide on this page is collected under the authority of the Public Libraries Act and the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy act. This information is used only for the proper administration of the library and the provision of library programs and services.

By providing your information to Milton Public Library (MPL), you explicitly consent to MPL disclosure of your Name and Email to all required parties for the sole purpose of testing the beta version of MPL’s gaming application.

Android users: you will receive an e-mail from Google asking you if you want to be a tester for the game. Within that e-mail, at the very bottom is a button that says “Become a Tester.” Clicking this will confirm that you want to be a tester and you will be opted in and provided a Google Play Download link. After that, you will be able to find the game on the Google Play Store as if it were publically released!

iOS users: you must have the app “Test Flight” installed to play the early version of the game. You will receive an email with further information and where to download the App once you have been added.