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St. Paul – Elk Point Regional Partnership

Household Survey

Regional Recreation Services Master Plan
The St. Paul – Elk Point Regional Partnership (SPEPRP) consists of representatives from the Towns of St. Paul and Elk Point, as well as the County of St. Paul and the Summer Village of Horseshoe Bay. The SPEPRP sees the benefits of a regional approach to service delivery; as such it is developing a Regional Recreation Master Plan. This regional approach is intended to optimize the effort and investment related to public recreation across the region. Throughout the region there is significant public investment in recreation facilities and spaces including, but not limited to, indoor ice arenas, curling rinks, an indoor swimming pool, community halls, ball diamonds, sports fields, playgrounds, parks, and campgrounds.

The Master Plan will provide a long term strategic plan for the delivery of recreation services and will help guide decisions pertaining to current and future infrastructure, programming, and the overall delivery system.

Engagement with residents is a key aspect of the project. This feedback along with other research and engagement being conducted will be used to develop the Master Plan. Please have an adult in your household complete this questionnaire by considering the needs of all members of your household. Responses are anonymous. If you have any questions on this survey or the project please contact one of the following:
  • Tim Mahdiuk, County of St Paul, at (780) 645 – 3301 ext. 204;
  • Norman R. Briscoe, Summer Village of Horseshoe Bay, at (780) 645 – 4677;
  • Ken Gwozdz, Elk Point, at (780) 724 – 3810;
  • Robert Simons, Town of St. Paul, at (780) 645 – 3388; or
  • The consultant hired to help develop the plan at RC Strategies+PERC at 1 (877) 727 – 9204 (toll free).
This survey will be available until March 20th.