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Shareholder Agreement

Work Toward a Shareholder Agreement

Hi, I'm Daryl Landau of Common Ground in Toronto, Ontario.

This questionnaire is intended for a SME (small to medium size enterprise) whose owners want a shareholder agreement.  Rather than just use a boilerplate that may not meet your needs and leave gaps, start here to consider key questions for about 10 minutes.   Then I can facilitate dialogue to reach agreement on terms, and then your lawyer(s) can finish it.  This is likely the cheaper and better option because I don't charge lawyer rates.

Don't worry if you don't have all your answers, it's a chance to think about it, maybe fill it out again later.

It's best if each owner submits their own response.  If you choose to retain me, there will be a 30 minute charge for reading each submission and preparing for the discussion.     
1. Will this be your first shareholders agreement for this enterprise?
2. Are you a new business and/or fairly small and not complex?
Unless you want my Charter process, you may want a fairly simple Shareholder Agreement.  You may want to focus on the essential elements for now, and get a revised SA with more protections in a few years before (or after) you undergo some major changes.  Consider this as you fill this out.  And if all you want is a boilerplate agreement, you can likely find a lawyer to do that for you.