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STAGE - Trainee Application


Welcome to the Application Form for the CANSSI Ontario STAGE Program

There are no restrictions on the nationality of the candidates. In accordance with CANSSI Ontario's mandate, the STAGE Program encourages applications from women and under-represented groups.

About this Form
Before submitting this form, please read our eligibility and application instructions, available on the CANSSI Ontario STAGE website.
To submit the form, click on the submit button on the last page of the form.
A confirmation email will be sent to you on our receipt of materials.
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Save and Continue
To save your partial answers, click on the “Save and continue later” link, which should appear on the centre, upper part of your screen. A link to the partially completed form will be emailed to you from Esther Berzunza. To return to the form later, open the email from Esther Berzunza and click on the link provided.