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SurveyGizmo Reseller

Our SurveyGizmo reseller program empowers organizations, agencies, and individuals to sell customized SurveyGizmo accounts of their own creation.

If you:

Check markCreate innovative survey projects that you think others would pay to replicate

Check markWant to turn over basic research projects to your clients without losing a revenue stream

Check markAre a passionate SurveyGizmo fan who thinks they can turn a profit by selling our software

…you’re a great fit for the Reseller Program!

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How the Reseller Program Works

1Contact our account management team to set up your Reseller Account. (You'll need a SurveyGizmo Enterprise account to start with.)Speak with an account manager: 720-496-2316

2Decide whether you want to resell Basic, Professional, or Enterprise Accounts, or a combination of all three. These will be added as subaccounts under your Reseller Account.

3Prepay for as many subaccounts as you like, or we can leave it open-ended and bill you as accounts are added.

4Customize your free landing page, and start selling new SurveyGizmo accounts right away! You can pre-populate all these accounts with any content you like -- templates, logos, themes, and beyond!

5Use your Reseller Dashboard to track account usage for the accounts you sell.

Who Are the Best Resellers?

Anyone with an interest in reselling SurveyGizmo accounts can become a reseller, but those who routinely create insightful surveys that others would be interested in purchasing tend to be the most successful.

Annual Research

Any organization who conducts annual research and distributes the results to a large audience can benefit from becoming a reseller. Well known examples include Content Marketing Institute, Hubspot, and MarketingProfs.

If you think others would like to use your finely tuned surveys for their own research, you can resell SurveyGizmo accounts that include those survey templates.

Market Research

Market research firms who want to empower their clients to repeat surveys in the future can save time and resources by reselling accounts.

Create a custom subaccount with all the surveys your client needs, agree on a price, and release these projects to them within their own SurveyGizmo account.


Reselling also works well for advertising and marketing agencies who would like clients to conduct research on their own.

Fact finding and audience investigation can be time consuming and expensive. With customized subaccounts, you can turn this task over to your clients while still earning revenue.

Fill out the simple form on this page, and our accounts team will be in touch soon. They can walk you through setting up your new Reseller account, or answer any questions you may have about the program.

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