Standard Report

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Standard Report Report
A Standard report aggregates your data and displays it in a visual manner so that you can quickly view data collected for each question in your survey.

Cross Tab Report

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Cross Tab Report Report
Cross Tab reports compare two questions to identify trends and patterns in your data. This report uses Chi-square analysis to confirm if data from the questions are correlated.

Comparison Report

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Comparison Report Report
Comparison reports are used to examine trends in your survey data across groups (typically demographic segmentations).

Profile Report

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Profile Report Report
Profile Reports compare one response to the rest of the survey responses. This report is commonly used to share individual employee survey, quiz, and personal assessment results.

TURF Report

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TURF Report Report
Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency (TURF) is a statistical model that can help you choose the best configuration in order to reach the maximum people in your target audience.
All Survey Reports Features
Create Reports

Explore in-depth data analysis and build presentation-ready reports all without leaving SurveyGizmo. Advanced reports are generated automatically and updated in real time as new responses are collected.

Real-Time Reporting
Reports automatically update with new responses
Standard Report
Standard reporting that goes beyond standard, presenting all of your survey data
Profile Report
Compare one individual’s response to all responses
Cross Tab Report
Includes horizontal and vertical percentages and indexes
Page Fall-Off Report
Displays counts of respondents who abandon the survey on each page
TURF Report
Built-in Total Unreplicated Reach and Frequency analysis
Customize Reports

It's your data. Display it how you want it. Each and every reporting chart and graph includes multiple customization options, so your data is presented accurately and informatively.

Browse All Responses Individually
View each set of responses based on each respondent
Graph Your Data
View your data in a bar graph, pie chart, or spreadsheet
View Reports Online
See reports in real time
Close Partial Records
Submit all partial records as completed
Create an Appendix
Used for essay responses and/or group contact information in reports
Separate Answer Titles and Reporting Values
Create short reporting values for internal reference and clearer reporting
Embed Report Into a Website or Intranet
Have your report display directly on a webpage
Standard Report Table Averages
Display averages within your report
Filter Your Reports
View only specific answers to specific questions
Include "Partial" Responses
Have partial responses display in your report
Private Reports
Password protection to limit access to reports
Track and collect information based on the location data of your respondents
Remove Question Numbering
Disable the numbers usually displayed next to each question

Explore Plans

With 1000s of features and multiple plan levels to choose from, there’s a SurveyGizmo account for you.

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Export Data

When data matters for your organization, it can't stay locked away. SurveyGizmo makes it easy to export your hard-earned data to third party integrations and in file types like .xls and SPSS.

Export Data to CSV
Export data to CVS file type
Export Report to Excel
Export report to Excel
Export Report to PDF
Export report to PDF
Export Data to SPSS
Export data to SPSS
Schedule Reports

When your data updates automatically, you'll never have to take time out of your day to manually run reports. With SurveyGizmo, you can schedule reports in advance and receive them, fully built and designed, directly in your inbox.

Schedule Report to Run
Automatically run daily, weekly, or monthly reports
Schedule Email Reports
Schedule reports to be emailed out to designated recipients automatically
Advanced Reporting Features

Go above and beyond the ordinary with reporting tools that increase efficiency, effectiveness, and customizations for every one of your projects.

Track Time Spent on Survey
See how long it takes for each respondent to complete your survey
HTTP Form Post
Synchronize survey responses with an external database in real time
Data Cleaning Tools
Remove responses based on common signs of bad data
Create your own custom question reports using our survey API

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