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2020 NFPay Compensation and HR Programs

Welcome to the 2020 NFPay Compensation Survey by BenchMarket

Welcome to the NFPay Compensation Survey by BenchMarket - there are 2 parts to your survey submission:

Part 1:  Salary Submission Template
  • A link to the salary submission template can be found on page 2.  Please download this template to your computer hard drive so that you can enter the required information.  Your submission involves matching each employee to a job from the  Job Details list and providing salary and job information as noted in the Input Sheet tab.  Each line of data will reflect an individual employee's salary and job information. Employee identification information should not be part of this submission (ie name, employee ID etc).
Part 2: HR Programs Data
  • We would ask all participants to complete sections 3 to 7.  Section 8 is specific to organizations who are Government Funded Organizations.

All information will be kept in the strictest of confidence and final reports will include aggregate data only.

You will be able to "Save and Continue" your submission as you wish.  An email will be sent to you after each session for you to use to continue at a later time.  Please do not restart your submission.  If you are having any problems with this process, please contact Suzanne Harrison or Lynn Cameron:                  

1-877-848-0499 x 104                                  1-877-848-0499 x 102

Thank you for participating in this confidential survey. We look forward to working with you.
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