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Welcome to SLN Labs. Please put your safety goggles on now.

We're out to bust myths about student life by using real experiences and insights from you, SLNers, the most influential students in the country. 

With your feedback, you'll shape the future of SLN opportunities and help students across Canada save money, time and maybe find the job or school of their dreams. This is important research and we can't thank you enough for being part of it. 

How does this work? 
Simple. Once you've signed up for SLN Labs you'll have access to additional opportunities to share your insights and earn rewards.This basically means you'll be one of our go to's when we have questions about students just like you. 

What will you get in return?
A warm and fuzzy feeling in your heart for helping yourself as well as other students just like you isn't enough? (we don't think so either) that's why you will earn extra entries for every SLN Labs task you complete for the end of year $5,000 draw. [CONTEST RULES]

How will we use this information?
We'll use your answers to help shape the future of Student Life Network opportunities. Your responses will always remain private and confidential. We'll never share your individual answers. All SLN Lab opportunities will come directly from Student Life Network and never from third parties. You can update or delete your responses at any time. Check out our Privacy Policy here and our terms and conditions here.
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