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Team Productivity Survey

Informed Consent

Invitation to Participate


St. Francis Xavier University

Department of Psychology

Title of Study: The Effects of Individual Recognition on Team Productivity

Name of Researcher: Craig Duininck

Name of Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Karen Blair, (902) 867-5956 (5957)


What is the Study About?

The proposed study is looking at how groups of people work together and to determine which factors contribute to the greatest level of group productivity.


What Will I be Expected to Do and How Much Time Will it Take?

Participants will be expected to fill out 2 questionnaires before the in-lab experiment takes place (10 minutes). Once in the lab, participants will be asked to build Lego cubes as fast as they can (15 minutes). Following the individual build participants will then work as a team to build one big Lego structure (2 minutes). After a short break period, participants will be asked to repeat the cube building and structure building process (15 minutes). (Approximately 60-minutes total)


Will Anyone Know What I said or Did?

This study involves coming into the lab with 3 other participants, building cubes with them and then working as a group to build a structure. Consequently, your cube building and group activities will be known to the other participants. However, all of your survey questionnaires will be confidential and the only people who will have access to them will be the researchers. No individual or identifying information will be used in any presentations or publications of the study results.


What Happens If I Change My Mind and Wish to Withdraw?

Participation in this study is completely voluntary. Should you wish to withdraw from the study at any time, please inform the researcher. No explanation is needed, and no data collected up until that point will be used in the study, unless otherwise stated by the participant. You may also decline to answer any question(s) in the survey without withdrawing from the study.


What are the Potential Benefits and Risks Associated with Participation in the Study?

By participating in this study, you will be contributing to the body of knowledge around the psychology in business world. Results found during this research could affect how businesses run in the future and how managers treat their employees. Even if no significant difference is found during this study businesses will know the extent to which individual recognition is associated with changes in team behavior and productivity. You will be entered into a prize draw. At the end of each month, participants who have completed the study will be entered to win 2-Xmen hockey tickets to a game of their choosing during the following month. If you participate in October, you'll be entered in all following draws as long as the study is running. At the end of the study, all participants will be entered into a prize draw for $100 cash! 


Where do I Get Questions Answered?

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding the study, please feel free to contact the primary investigator, Craig Duininck. Phone (902)870-4828 Email: or Dr. Karen Blair. Phone: (902) 867-5956 (5957) Email:


The Effects of Individual Recognition on Team Productivity


St. Francis Xavier University

Department of Psychology


Researcher: Craig Duininck

Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Karen Blair

I have received a copy of the Invitation to Participate for the research project entitled The Effects of Individual Recognition on Team Productivity. I have had an opportunity to read the information provided or it has been explained to me, and any questions that I may have had have been answered. 


I agree to participate in this research project, understanding that I am doing so voluntarily, that confidentiality will be maintained, and that I have the right to withdraw from the study at any point using the means outlined in the Invitation to Participate.

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