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Speak at a Council meeting 1

December 7 Council meeting

All questions are required, unless marked optional.

Choose the agenda item(s) that you want to speak about, and your position on the item(s).

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This list only shows items that allow speakers

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  • This list only shows items that allow speakers.
  • To speak about a presentation or report, you will be heard at the Council meeting.
  • To speak about a council members' motion, you will be heard at the Standing Committee meeting on the following day if Council approves to refer to hear from speakers.
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2. Vancouver Community Sport Hosting Grants - Fall 2021 Intake
3. 2021 Social Policy Small Capital Grants and Other Grants
1. What is your preference for speaking at the meeting?

*Due to COVID-19, it is recommended that you continue to participate by phone at Council meetings; however, limited space will be made available at City Hall to accommodate you at the meeting in-person.

As of August 25, 2021, masks are mandatory in all indoor public spaces, even if you are vaccinated, until further notice.
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*Disclosure of your personal information (name in the speaker’s list), with your consent, is in compliance with s. 33.1(1)(b) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and the City of Vancouver’s Privacy Policy.  Questions regarding this consent should be sent to the City of Vancouver’s Privacy Office: 

**If you select no, your name will not be included on any publicly posted list or distributed to media; your name would be provided internally in order for the Chair of the meeting to call upon you by name to speak. Note these meetings are live streamed and the recordings are provided publicly on the City of Vancouver’s website, following each meeting.