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Book One Evaluation Form

Evaluation Form

Book One: Living with reduced kidney function

We would like to know how helpful you found our handbook. Please take a few minutes to complete this evaluation.

All responses are confidential and will be used to help us to continue to improve our handbooks and other Kidney Foundation resources.

Where did you receive this handbook?
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Did you receive this handbook at a time when it was most helpful to you?
Overall how helpful was the handbook in increasing your knowledge about kidney disease?
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Did this handbook help you to understand how to protect and preserve your remaining kidney function?
Please indicate how useful you found the information in this handbook to be overall.
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Overall, how would you rate the information provided?
How helpful was this handbook in addressing your specific concerns and questions about CKD?
Please rate how each of the following aspects of this handbook met your needs:
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The organization of the information
Ease of use (was it easy to find what you were looking for)
Personalization (was it easy to make notes and track your personal information)
How easy was it to read and understand
Use of pictures, diagrams and icons
Please indicate how useful you found the information in each chapter to be overall.
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Chapter 1 - How your kidneys work
Chapter 2 - Kidney disease
Chapter 3 - How you can support your kidney health
Chapter 4 - Managing your medications for kidney health
Chapter 5 - Your diet and nutrition for kidney health
Chapter 6 - Living well with reduced kidney function
Chapter 7 - Developing a personal care plan of action
Chapter 8 - If your kidneys fail
Would you recommend this handbook to other people who are living with reduced kidney function?