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Managing Clubroot of Canola Survey

How do you think the County of Vermilion River should manage Clubroot of Canola when the disease is found in the municipality?
Clubroot is a serious canola disease and it has been spreading across the prairies. Clubroot affects canola, mustard and other cruciferous crops. Clubroot spores can be moved with soil transported by wind or water and farm machinery. Clubroot was first found in the County of Vermilion River in 2011. In 2017, plants testing positive for Clubroot were found on 7 fields within the County. Clubroot has also been found in neighboring Alberta municipalities and a few Saskatchewan municipalities.  In Alberta, Clubroot is a Declared Pest under the Agricultural Pests Act, which requires that owners/occupants of land shall actively control or destroy all named pests. Municipalities are responsible for enforcing this Act.
Clubroot poses significant management challenges to canola growers. However, management decisions made by the County through enforcement of the Agricultural Pests Act may also significantly impact canola growers. The County of Vermilion River Council would like to hear from ratepayers . What do you think is the best way for CVR to handle Clubroot when it is found in the Municipality.

1. What level of enforcement for Clubroot of Canola do you think CVR should adopt?  Check all that you think are appropriate.
2. What else should CVR do to reduce the impact of Clubroot of Canola in the County? (select any of the following you think are appropriate)
3. I am a County of Vermilion River ratepayer from:
4. Identify your farming operation
5. What should CVR focus on in regards to Clubroot of Canola?
6. What educational sessions would you like to see from CVR?
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