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Valley Ski Hill

Feasibility Study Public Survey

Project Background
Flagstaff County and the County of Paintearth No. 18 have partnered to conduct a feasibility study on the Valley Ski Hill. The facility, located immediately southwest of Alliance, has a longstanding history and is valued by many residents. However it is likely that a significant investment will be required to sustain the facility due to the geological condition of the hill (part of the hill has experienced significant erosion) and the cost of replacing aging equipment and amenities.

RC Strategies+PERC, a consulting firm specializing in recreation planning, has been retained to develop the feasibility study. The study will help clarify the demand, benefits and overall viability of sustaining the facility into the future.

We Want to Hear from You!
An important aspect of the project is engagement with stakeholders and local residents. Please complete this survey by considering the perspectives of all household members. Only one response per household is requested. Survey responses will be accepted until April 27th.

The survey findings and other research and engagement being conducted will help inform the feasibility study. The study is scheduled for completion by July 2018.