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morinville survey

Parks, Recreation, Culture, and Trail Master Plan

Household Survey

The Town of Morinville is conducting this survey to gather your household’s opinions about the provision of parks, recreation, culture, and trails services in the community. Your responses will be used in the development of a master plan that will be used by the Town to manage service delivery and provision. Only one response per household is needed.

When we refer to recreation and culture we mean participation in physical, social, intellectual, creative, and spiritual pursuits that improve personal and community well-being. This includes activities such as meditation, gardening, reading, attending performances, curling, playing a sport, walking, getting together with friends, attending events, visiting museums and galleries, bird watching, using the library, or celebrating your heritage along with many other activities.

Your views are very important to the successful development of this master plan so please take the time to complete the questionnaire. It will take approximately fifteen (15) minutes to answer all questions.

In 2016 the Town developed a Recreation Needs Assessment; a resident survey was fielded at that time as well. Much of the information gathered in 2016 will be used as this Master Plan is developed. However there is a need to check back in with residents and further explore some different lines of questioning. Please help us out by answering the questions on behalf of everyone in your household.

If you have any questions about the Master Plan please contact Dave Schaefer (Town of Morinville) at dschaefer@  Please provide your response by June 30th. Thank you.