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Nomination form: CMA Owen Adams Award of Honour

Owen Adams Award of Honour

Please complete this form to nominate an individual for the Owen Adams Award of Honour.

The Owen Adams Award of Honour is the highest CMA award available to a non-physician.

The award is granted in recognition of:
  • contributions to the advancement of medical research, medical education, health care organization or health¬†education of¬†the public
  • service to the people of Canada in raising the standards of health care delivery in Canada
  • service to the profession in the field of medical organization
  • activities and initiatives that have contributed to improvements in the health and wellness of Canadians.
  • contributions to the awareness of the value that lived experience (patient/caregiver insight) brings to Healthcare in Canada.
If you would like to nominate more than one individual, each nomination must be entered on a separate nomination form. To do this, simply click on the link to the nomination form from the award page again.

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