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Kootenay Sport Fishing Project


This survey is being undertaken in connection with the Kootenay Sport Fishing Project the objective of which is to develop, promote and market world class Kootenay sport fishing to potential visitors. 

The Project has been initiated by Community Futures Greater Trail and is funded by the Province of British Columbia Rural Dividend Fund and other sponsors.

Confidentiality Statement
The information collected in this Survey will include personal information about you. Community Futures Greater Trail requires your consent to collect, store and use that information. You will be deemed as having given your consent by completion of the Survey.

In order to complete the survey, it is not necessary to provide any information that will identify you personally. Information which will identify you is only required if you choose to make yourself available for personal interview or if you wish to enter the prize draw. If you do provide information which will identify you personally you will be deemed to have consented to the collection and storage of that information.

Whether or not you choose to provide information which will identify you, all information collected by this Survey will only be used in aggregated form in which it will not be possible to identify any given respondent.

None of your personal information will be disclosed to any third party without your permission.

If you choose to provide information which will identify you, you have the right at any time to withdraw your permission relating to the storage of that information and/or to review the information that has been stored.

Contact Information  
Project Lead: Ron Perepolkin
Address: Community Futures Great Trail, 825 Spokane Street, Trail, BC, V1R 3W4.
Telephone: 250 364 2595