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British Home Children Novel (pub. date 2020)

What is this survey for?
* This survey is ONLY to be filled out by descendants of Canada's British Home Children.

I am a bestselling Nova Scotian author, and I write Canadian Historical Fiction novels for Simon & Schuster Canada. I tell stories based on historical facts featuring fictional characters and/or scenarios. These characters come from my imagination, created from bits and pieces of real life people.

This novel will be about Canada's British Home Children scheme, and the children's characters may include some of the stories I collect from this survey. 

Note: This book is by no means a biography of anyone. If I use any of the facts/stories from this survey, I will not use original names. They will be applied to the characters in the story.

This survey should take only a few minutes of your time.

Thank you for your help!
All the best,
Genevieve Graham
6. How did you discover this person was a BHC?
7. Was your BHC an orphan?
13. Did your BHC come alone or with siblings?
This next section includes more personal questions. This may be difficult or impossible for some BHC descendants to answer, but I appreciate any input you might have.
Thank you so much for your help. 

My book will be published in Spring 2020 with Simon & Schuster Canada. As of right now it is untitled.

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