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Nomination form: CMA F.N.G. Starr Award

CMA F.N.G. Starr Award

Please complete this form to nominate an individual for the CMA F.N.G. Starr Award.

The F.N.G. Starr Award is the highest CMA award available to one of its members and recognizes outstanding lifetime achievement.

Medalists have achieved distinction in one of the following ways:
  • making an outstanding contribution to science, the fine arts or nonmedical literature
  • serving humanity under conditions calling for courage or the endurance of hardship in the promotion of health or the saving of life
  • advancing the humanitarian or cultural life of his or her community
  • improving medical service in Canada

If you would like to nominate more than one individual, each nomination must be entered on a separate nomination form. To do this, simply click on the link to the nomination form from the award page again.

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