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CMA Advocacy Coaching - Request Form

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The CMA’s advocacy coaching program is designed to help physicians and medical learners build the skills and knowledge they need to be effective advocates. With a strong focus on federal advocacy, the program outlines the roles and responsibilities of politicians, and provides tips for building successful relationships with elected officials. The core of the program is a five-step process for building an effective advocacy campaign or successful meeting − participants are led through the process using recent CMA examples and are then given the opportunity to test out their own ideas. The goal is to leave participants with a menu of tactics they can use to push for change at the grassroots.
CMA may offer a one-on-one session to members or we can assist you in organizing a group session. Kindly note that due to COVID-19 restrictions, all advocacy sessions will be held virtually.
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2. In what language would you prefer the session be held? Currently, sessions are presented in English; however, if you require a French language or bilingual session, please let us know, and we will contact you to further discuss your requirements. *This question is required.