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2019 Indigenous Health Initiative

It is established that Indigenous patients in Canada have a higher prevalence of arthritis conditions, incur more severe outcomes, and face multiple barriers to care, including stereotyping and racism in the health care system. Although the CRA has taken initial steps to support a culturally competent workforce in rheumatology, further actions are required to ensure the concepts are put into practice, with a national distribution of champions and culturally competent providers that can ultimately influence improved outcomes for Indigenous patients. As individuals and as an organization, we see the need to respond to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Calls to Action in health, while leading as a national professional body in response to the directive from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada with regards to competency in Indigenous health in postgraduate medical education and specialty practice announced on October 26, 2017. 

The CRA Board of Directors has approved an Indigenous Health Initiative for 2019. We have planned a series of interactive and in-depth educational opportunities, based on an evidence-based continuing medical education program, ‘Educating for Equity (E4E)’, led by Dr. Lynden Crowshoe. The Initiative includes:

Phase 1:
A 3 hour workshop will be given on Wednesday, February 27th, 2018 from 9:00am-12:00pm ET where participants will gain hands-on practice in small groups in applying the concepts of the E4E framework, with immediate feedback and coaching by the session facilitators. Participation is limited to 15 members, and all participants should have had basic exposure to Indigenous health curriculum prior to the workshop. Please contact us if you require information on possible opportunities to complete this requirement if you have not already taken the San'yas Indigenous Cultural Safety Training program. Please note that participation in the February 27th event is complimentary (refreshments will be provided), and that you will be invited to participate in a formal evaluation of the initiative. 

Phase 2:
A full day workshop (late 2019, date TBD) will develop your own facilitation skills in Indigenous health competency training. Participation is limited to 6 members, who have completed Phase 1 training, and who will be selected to ensure participants represent different geographical regions in Canada. Partial sponsorship will be available in recognition of your future efforts in expanding Indigenous health competency skills in your local rheumatology community.

A Partnership of the CRA Optimal Care, Education and Annual Scientific Meeting Program Committees, in collaboration with Dr. Lynden Crowshoe (Canadian Principal Investigator, Educating for Equity; University of Calgary).


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2. Participation in this program is limited.  If selected, will you participate in the Indigenous Health Competency half day workshop at the 2019 ASM in Montreal? (Phase 1, scheduled on Wednesday, February 27th PRIOR to the start of the conference) *This question is required.
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If selected for Phase 1, you will be expected to enroll in a formal training (ie San'yas Indigenous Cultural Safety Training ) prior to the ASM workshop).
If you are selected to participate in Phase 1 of the Indigenous Health Competency training program, do you commit to Phase 2 of training? (a full-day program in late 2019)