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1819 SMCDSB Parent Climate Survey


Dear Parent/Guardian,

The Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board (SMCDSB) is a faith-based organization committed to supporting the well-being of our diverse community. We are working together to create learning environments where everyone feels safe, included and valued as members of our education community. The climate survey is focused on factors such as engagement, relationships, spirituality, health, etc., that impact a positive climate where all members of the community can thrive. The Parent Climate Survey is an opportunity for you to represent the parent/guardian voice within SMCDSB and help us understand how we can continue to nurture a community of growth.

You are invited to complete the Parent Climate Survey. This survey is voluntary, however, we would your opinions, thoughts, and feelings are important to us. This survey is anonymous. To protect your anonymity, all responses will be combined for reporting at the board and school levels. The school level is provided as a way to understand the climate that is experienced across our geographically vast Board and as a way for each of our schools to identify areas of strength and opportunity.

Please take approximately 10 minutes of your time to help us find out what strengths we have as an education community that we can continue to build together and the opportunities we can work on together to improve. This survey will be available until Friday, May 31, 2019.

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