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Preach2020: International LGBTQ Psychology Conference - Abstract Submission Portal

Submission Instructions & Contact Information


Welcome and thank you for your interest in submitting an abstract for Preach 2020: An International LGBTQ Psychology & Related Fields Pre-Conference to be held in advance of ICP 2020 in Prague, Czech Republic, July 16 & 17th, 2020. 

The following pages will ask you to provide: 
  • Your contact information & affiliation 
  • A title for your presentation
  • A 250 word abstract for your presentation
  • Your preference for the type of presentation you would like to offer at the conference 
  • Eligibility for student awards
  • Eligibility for travel bursaries 

Types of Presentations: 

PREACH TED-style Talks (12 - 18 minutes): Short, carefully prepared/rehearsed talks that share an overarching (non-political) idea. Talks of this nature are energizing, inspiring, thought-provoking and engaging. Talks can be between 12 and 18 minutes (absolutely not a second over 18 minutes) and although they can have slides, the slides should be minimal and aesthetically pleasing. Unlike a usual conference presentation, these talks will be performative, dynamic, scripted, and practiced. Up to 8 presentations will be accepted for this format. They will be featured prominently in the program, will be recorded and live-streamed, and will be open to members of the public. Presentations of this nature should avoid technical details or jargon and should be targeted at a broad audience. 

Oral Presentation (20 Minutes): An oral presentation that will be grouped with 2-3 other presentations. Each presenter will have roughly 15 minutes to speak and 5 minutes to answer questions.

Symposia (1 Hour): A complete set of 3-5 papers on a coherent topic. Please submit an abstract for the overall symposium explaining how the papers fit together as well as individual abstracts for each paper.

Data Blitz (5 Minutes): These are short, to the point, and fun presentations! Each presenter will be given 5 minutes (and not a second more) and 3 slides in which to present the most important and interesting aspects of their research. 

Reimagined Posters: Traditional poster presentations offer the opportunity to present your work visually. Posters will be displayed at various points throughout the conference and there will be designated times when presenters are asked to stand near their poster in order to engage with those interested in hearing more about the work. Presenters will be encouraged to use technology-driven, dynamic, green, and creative methods of presenting their work rather than the standard 4x3 printed paper poster. We will also be announcing plans for digital and creative alternatives to posters, including the option to present a poster remotely for individuals unable to attend the conference in person. Poster presentations may be in either French, English or Czech.   Les présentations d'affiches peuvent être en français, en anglais ou en Czech. Plakátové prezentace mohou být ve francouzštině, angličtině nebo češtině.

Roundtable Discussion – 1 hour During Lunch: Roundtable discussions are informal sessions where the submitter serves as a discussion facilitator with a small group of delegates interested in discussing the proposed topic. These sessions will take place during lunchtime, offering delegates the opportunity to pick a table to eat at by picking the topic that they would most like to discuss. 

Remote Presentations: If you are unable to attend in person, you may also submit a remote presentation, which can take the form of a video or digital poster. 

Conference Website:

As of December 16th, 2019 we are continuing to accept submissions on a rolling basis. Those submitted by the initial deadline of December 15th will be given priority in terms of space within the program, however we still encourage others to submit and we will do our best to accommodate as many high quality presentations as possible. 

1. Your Contact Information
2. What kind of submission are you making? (You will have a chance later on in this application to indicate your willingness to present in other formats). Here, please indicate your first choice of submission format.