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IGNITE Survey 2019-2020

1. Did you receive an invitation to this survey via email?
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Please note student number must be accurate in order to be eligible for prize draws. UofGH students use your UofGH student number. 
4. What is your age group? *This question is required.
5. What is your marital status? *This question is required.
6. Do you have any children or dependents?
7. How do you commute to school most often? *This question is required.
Space Cell DrivingPublic TransitRide Sharing (i.e Uber, Lyft)Car PoolingWalkingBikingNone of the above
I commute by
8. Which Public Transit Systems do you use most often to attend classes at Humber/Guelph-Humber? (Limit is 2)
8. Do you live on Residence?
8. Which of the following are you most concerned about? Select up to 5 options.
  *This question is required.
10. Would you like a PRESTO Self-Serve Reload Machine located in Humber College?
10. How interested are you in the following ENHANCED Services IGNITE provides? *This question is required.
Very Interested
Not Interested
Student Leadership Development
Advocacy & Governance
Social Engagement
Future Skill Development
Career Services
Health & Consulting Services
Academic Support/ Dispute Resolution
Financial Support
11. Would you like us to communicate with you about any services or initiatives you have indicated an interest in?
12. Which of the following IGNITE events would you be interested in? Select up to 3 options.
13. How would you like IGNITE to communicate updates and events with you? Click all that applies. Please select from the following images.