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Amusement rides public survey

Did you know that trampoline parks, go-karts, and bungee devices are just some of the amusement rides that are not currently regulated in BC under the Safety Standards Act?

As technologies change and new devices come onto the market, safety regulation needs to thoughtfully adapt to address risk and ensure public safety. Technical Safety BC has been reviewing current regulations around existing, new and emerging amusement rides including indoor skydiving and ninja gyms. 

If the proposed regulatory changes come into effect, facility owners may be required to take the following steps, including:
  • Prepare a safety management plan;
  • Have rides and devices inspected on an ongoing basis; and
  • Ensure employees are safety trained.
We want to hear your views on the proposed changes which will help inform our recommendation for regulatory amendment to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing. 

Survey open until September 30, 2019
1. Based on your knowledge, do you agree that further regulations are needed around the amusement ride industry in BC?
Strongly agreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly disagree
2. Do you support the changes in the proposed framework? 
Very supportiveSupportiveNeutralUnsupportiveVery unsupportive
3. If regulatory changes result in higher operational costs, what percentage increase would you be willing to pay for your entrance fee?