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2019 FMF Attendee Survey - copy

Your feedback is important to us in planning next year's Family Medicine Forum (FMF). The following survey will take approximately five minutes to complete. Thank you for your time.
1. FMF Experience.
Please rate on a scale of 1-5 
How would you rate your FMF 2019 experience overall? 
Space Cell Rating
2019 FMF experience
2. c) Is there one topic not mentioned above that you need to learn more about to enhance your practice?
1. 3. Would you consider submitting an abstract for presentation at FMF?
2. 4. Please select the category that applies to you: 
5. Please rate how important each of these FMF activities are to you? If not applicable, please skip. 
Space Cell Rating
Learning about advances in family medicine
Earning CPD credits
Attending keynote presentations
Attending concurrent sessions
Attending workshops (2 and 3 credit per hour pre-registered courses)
Attending ancillary Session (extra credit workshops)
Visiting the Exhibit Hall
Networking with colleagues
Meeting others with a shared interest in a specific area of family practice
Attending social events
Celebrating achievements in Family Medicine
Attending meetings
Having breakfast provided
Having breaks provided
Having lunch provided
Having coffee provided
6. Please rate the following FMF information tools in terms of usefulness. 
Space Cell Rating
Schedule-at-a-glance (printed)
Exhibit Hall guide (printed)
Full program (online only)
FMF 2019 Mobile App
Social media
7. Please rate the following special events. If not applicable, please skip. 
Space Cell Rating
Section of Researchers Innovation Bistro / Lunch (Wednesday)
Section of Teachers and Preceptors Knowledge Cafe & Lunch (Wednesday)
Section of Researchers Dinner (Wednesday)
Besrour Dinner (Wednesday)
CFPC Annual Meeting of Members (Thursday)
FMF Celebration (Thursday)
Celebrating Family Medicine Teaching Excellence Dinner (Thursday)
First Five Years Reception (Thursday)
First Five Years in Family Practice Luncheon (Friday)
Member Interest Group Section (MIGS) Networking Fair (Friday)
Awards Gala (Friday)
Student and Resident Social (Friday)
Student and Resident Luncheon (Saturday)
Convocation Ceremony (Saturday)
9. Please rate your registration experience: If not applicable, please skip. 
Space Cell Rating
Online Registration
Onsite badge pick-up
Print-at-home badges
3. 10. a) Did you visit the Exhibit Hall?
10. b) Did you interact with exhibitors?
10 d. Please rate your exhibit hall experience. If not applicable, please skip. 
Space Cell Rating
Quality of exhibitors
Quantity of exhibitors
Time available to visit the Exhibit Hall
10 e. What type of exhibitors would you like to see more of in the exhibit hall? 
4. 11a.  Would you prefer to eliminate all Pharmaceutical and Vaccine exhibitors?
5. 11b. Would you prefer to eliminate all Cannabis exhibitors?
6. 11c. Would you prefer to eliminate all Office Equipment and Technologies exhibitors?
7. 11d. Would you prefer to eliminate all Over The Counter Products exhibitors?
8. 11e. Would you prefer to eliminate all Patient Self-Management Devices exhibitors?
9. 11f. Would you prefer to eliminate all Homeopathic exhibitors?
12.  Would you use onsite child care if it was provided at FMF?
12b. If yes please select one:
10. 13. Would you accept a small registration fee increase to support free or subsidized child care at FMF for attendees who need it?
14. Do you read the following publications? (Check all that apply.)
  • * This question is required.
15. How did you hear about FMF? (check all that apply)
  • * This question is required.
16. Do you plan to attend FMF in the future? (Check all that apply.)
17. If FMF were held in conjunction with a World Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA) meeting, which event(s) would you consider attending? (Note: Increases in the number of days and fees would apply.)
18. Would you recommend FMF to a colleague?
19. Please rate your overall experience about attending FMF. (1 star, strongly disagree -  5 stars, strongly agree)
Space Cell Rating
I feel moved or inspired
I feel engaged in the experience
I was exposed to new points of view or ways of thinking about things
It made me want to know more about what i saw/heard
It felt relevant to my current practice