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Community Sport Champions Recognition Program 2020

2020 focus: This program will recognize individuals and organizations who break through  traditional limits and pave the way in making sport accessible for athletes with a developmental or physical disability, including participation, coaching, administration, and leadership. 

Be as specific as possible in each field of the application form. The nominee is only reviewed based on the information provided on this application form.

About the nominee

*This question is required.
  • How are athletes with a developmental or physical disability benefitting from the nominee’s program or leadership?
  • What are the benefits of this nominee’s program or their specific leadership skills?
  • Why do you think this nominee deserves to be recognized?

About the program 

While this recognition program will honour a community champion (individual), the grant received will be directed to the program this individual is championing. The program must be run through a not-for-profit organization, and must take place in Vancouver (directly impacting the citizens of Vancouver). The grant will be made payable directly to the not-for-profit organization the community champion represents. *This question is required.
  • The program's mandate or objective as part of the overall organization
  • How it's making sport more accessible
  • How inclusion a priority
If possible, include registration numbers or impacts, frequency of the program, how it is promoted, what audience it targets, inclusion of athletes with a developmental or physical disability

Supporting documentation 

Include any supporting documentation you would like the reviewing committee to have when making a selection. (Optional)

Examples include:
  • Program promotion or detail
  • Reference websites or stories

About you

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