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Langley City: Future Growth Survey


In 2018, Council endorsed a new vision for Langley City called the Nexus of Community. This vision of our City’s future describes a place where:  
  • Strong community spirit permeates everyday community life; 
  • People, jobs, and destinations are connected through excellent transit and walkable neighbourhoods; 
  • People visit for unique and authentic experiences; and
  • Everything you need is nearby, where services are efficient, and where doing business is easy, because all is integrated.

To help implement this vision, Langley City is now in the process of developing a new Official Community Plan (OCP) and Zoning Bylaw. These are planning tools that help shape Langley City's growth in the future and guide how land can be used based on our shared community values. 

We want to hear more from you about how to make this vision a reality! 

The survey should take under 10 minutes to complete and there are three parts:

1. Hopes and aspirations for Langley City's future

2. A draft land use concept developed through a housing forms workshop and open house held on November 27 & 28.

3. Policy approaches to important topics impacting growth in Langley City, including: housing & affordability, transportation, economy & jobs, and the environment.