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B44-16 Elevating devices regulatory tools package

Technical Safety BC would like your feedback on a variety of regulatory tools created in support of the elevators and escalators CSA B44-16 safety code adoption.

Prior to filling out this feedback form, please review the following new and/or updated items on our website:
  • 3 information bulletins,
  • 3 directives, and
  • 4 safety orders.
We are seeking feedback on the proposed processes in the notices above and we would like your input on anything that requires further clarification. We will not consider feedback that alters the requirements, unless an error was made with regards to our interpretation of the code. 

All feedback is subject to Technical Safety BC's privacy policy and content submission guidelines. By clicking next and completing this survey, you are agreeing to these guidelines.
1. How would you identify yourself in relation to your work within the elevating devices industry? (check all that apply)
2. Which regulatory tools would you like to provide feedback on? Select all that apply.