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TBS Orientation Recruiter - Jan 2020

Initial questions

Please help us improve the Government of Canada Website

This is NOT a survey of your opinions or feedback. The purpose of this questionnaire is to ask some general questions about you, so that if you match the recruiting criteria of future Government of Canada web testing projects, we can invite you to take part.

The Government of Canada has asked Neo Insight and partnering independent research companies to help improve their website.  To do this, we invite Canadians to take part in 1-hour online website testing sessions. This questionnaire asks some general questions about you in order that we include the needs of all Canadians. 

We may email you an invitation to a study based on your answers to these questions. Sometimes we will email an additional set of questions for a particular study. If you are selected, the research company will contact you by email or phone to schedule your session at a time that is convenient to you.

Participants in website test sessions receive a 'thank you' gift for your time - usually a $50 or PayPal gift certificate.
Only those who participate in a web testing session will receive a 'thank you' gift certificate. 

Your contact details and responses will be securely stored for up to a maximum of two years and will be used ONLY to invite you to take part in research to help improve the Government of Canada website. See Neo Insight's Privacy Policy for more details. 

1. Please provide the following so we can contact you if you are selected to participate in a study.