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2020 CRA Summer Studentship - Clinical

DEADLINE: March 11, 2020

The Canadian Rheumatology Association (CRA) and Pfizer are offering a clinical summer studentship for students (Canadian citizens or permanent residents) registered in a medical school, to work with a rheumatologist (CRA member) in a clinical setting.

As part of addressing the need for manpower in the field of Canadian rheumatology, this program (offered during the summer of 2020) is designed to introduce medical students to this sub-specialty.

Note: This is a joint application between the student applicant and a member of the CRA (the mentor).
Application Process:
  • Student contacts the mentor of their choice to first discuss the program and confirm that the mentor will accept the student for a summer studentship.  A list of eligible mentors can be found by clicking here.  Rheumatologists continually join the list; check the list periodically.  Alternatively, a member of the CRA can contact interested students to let them know that s/he would act as a mentor.
  • Student and mentor complete online application form including an uploaded CV attachment (max 2 pages).
  • Student ensures that medical school submits Acknowledgement of Medical School form.

Each student can only submit a maximum of one application per studentship program (i.e. 1 for research, 1 for clinical).
Each mentor can only submit a maximum of one application (or equivalency) per clinical studentship program and a maximum of one application per research studentship program.