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CSGNA Call for Abstracts

Call for Abstracts

The CSGNA Virtual Education Series & National Conference will be your next opportunity to share your knowledge about a GI topic you are passionate about, disseminate research results or present an innovative project that will advance GI nursing and associated practice. 

Abstracts submitted will be reviewed and an acceptance letter will be sent to the main contact providing further details of the presentation.
1. Presenter Information 
2. Are you a member of CSGNA?
3. Language of presentation:
  • Abstract: Maximum 300 words, single spaced, 12-point font and include:
  • Title: Provide a succinct title that reflects the content of the presentation
  • Authors: (Author 1 First Name, Last Name credentials, employment affiliations; Author 2 First Name, Last Name credentials, employment affiliations)
  • Background: problem or purpose of study
  • Methods: discussion of project plan or sample and data collection
  • Results:  evaluation or outcomes (no graphs, charts or tables)
  • Conclusions: implications of your study or project for your patients, practice or profession.
  • Target Audience: GI, IBD etc...
6. Presentation Type
7. If you are not selected for a concurrent session or plenary presentation, would you like to be considered for a poster?
8. If you are selected as a presenter for the conference, will you require funding to attend?