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CCCPA Certification Application Route - Bilingual


Applications will be reviewed and applicants will be informed if the application is approved, requires additional materials or does not qualify against the ISO standards.   Approval of the application does not mean certification, rather it means that you are approved to proceed via your route of certification and are granted permission to write the appropriate exam for your certification type, if applicable.

Applicants who are deemed eligible to sit the certification exam receive a date stamped notice stating that they are eligible to sit the certification exam and information on examination writing dates/locations.  Applicants must successfully write the certification exam within two (2) years (and up to three (3) attempts) of their dated stamped notice. The date stamped notice must accompany the applicant to the examination site. If the applicant is not approved, the application committee will be in touch with options and/or the applicant can proceed with an appeal process

The upload limit is set to 1 megabyte for each document.  Ensure that you have saved your files in reduced size.
1. Upload confirmation of payment (STEP 1). *This question is required.
2. Upload signed Confidentiality Agreement document (STEP 2). *This question is required.
3. CONTACT INFORMATION *This question is required.