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TIER 2 - Atlantic Compassion Fund Application

Tier 2- Atlantic Compassion Fund

Atlantic Compassion Fund - United Way Halifax
United Way Halifax is committed to the most marginalized in our community and recognizes the increased risk and disadvantage that poverty creates. As such and with the support of donations to the Atlantic Compassion Fund. This is a tiered response to address the most pressing needs of those most marginalized (as determined by service providers) and then to a response that will help serve some of the many people in community that will be impacted by this public health crisis as it continues to unfold. These funds will be available only to registered charities serving marginalized community members in HRM.
Tier 2 support – Social Distancing and Service Supports
  • Support to shelter providers to provide accommodation and food to
    • staff traveling from other areas to help
    • help to distance the staff who are working with high risk individuals from their families, in order to increase safety and the capacity of service providers during COVID-19
  • Support to service providers for additional wage costs during COVID-19 to hire temporary workers to cover what have been volunteer roles and/or to add hours to existing staff roles
  • Support to service providers for exceptional circumstances to help increase social distancing and/or self-isolation of individuals with special needs during COVID 19
Eligible costs include
  • accommodation costs; hotels, Airbnb, etc.
  • food and personal items
  • wages
  • special accommodations i.e. disability related supports