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2020 FLIRT Application Form


Future Leaders in RheumaTology (FLIRT) is a program designed for rheumatologists at an early career stage who are likely to become leaders in research and/or education and/or advocacy in Canada.

This program seeks to identify and promote leadership in rheumatologists early in their career.  It is comprised of a variety of initiatives identified via a needs assessment conducted with participants, and a collaboration with Canadian mentors and expert advisors.  It is designed for future leaders in academic or community practice.
Application Process
This is a joint application process that requires application to be completed by the Candidate and their Supporter.
  • Candidate completes the Candidate portion of the application form (including uploaded 1-page CV)
  • Candidate saves Candidate portion of the application form and sends link to a Supporter of their choice (i.e. program director, division head or research or community leader) 
  • Supporter reviews Candidate portion of the application form, completes Support portion of application form (including uploaded letter of support)  and submits online form to complete application process
Evaluation Criteria  
A review committee comprised of CRA members will review and select the successful applicants based on the following criteria:
  • CV (3 points)
  • Statement of current and future interests in research, education, advocacy, community leadership, etc. (4 points)  
  • Letter of support (3 points)  
  • Total score 10 points
For more information, read FLIRT Guidelines.