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Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on sleep

COVID-19 and the confinement of the past few weeks for many of us have turned our lifestyle upside down. Stress and anxiety are increasing as we attempt to adjust our daily activities to adhere to social distancing which is impacting work, social, leisure, and entertainment activities. In addition to these major stressors, the social confinement and changes in daily routines are likely to produce major changes in sleep patterns during this pandemic.
The objective of this study is to assess the impact of this pandemic on sleep patterns of the general public. It is an international research project involving several countries. The Canadian / Ontario component is conducted under the supervision of Dr. Frances Chung, MBBS FRCPC, professor and researcher at University Health Network, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada.

Your participation
Your participation involves completing a questionnaire on your sleep (before and during COVID-19), as well as your physical health and psychological well-being. If you agree to participate, you will need approximately 20 minutes to complete the questionnaire. Your participation is voluntary.  However, since no data allowing you to be identified (eg. name, contact details) will be collected by the questionnaire, the data obtained from a participant who chooses to withdraw from the project after having submitted his/her questionnaire cannot be destroyed.

There is no compensation for your participation.

Anonymity and confidentiality of results
This survey is completely anonymous. With the exception of some socio-demographic information, you do not have to provide information about your identity. Only the researchers involved in this project will have access to the information in the survey. 

Additional Information
If you have questions about this research or the implications of your participation, please contact the principal investigator, Frances Chung, or one of her assistants at the following telephone number: (416)670-4253or (416)662-2686, or to the following email address:
 By completing this questionnaire, you indicate that you have read all of the above information and that you freely consent to participate in this project.
 Thank you for your precious collaboration,
Frances Chung MBBS FRCPC
Professor, Dept of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, University of Toronto,
ResMed Chair of Anesthesiology, Sleep, and PeriopMedicine at University Health Network.
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