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Thank you for your interest in providing feedback to help shaping Canada’s plan for the safe, long-term management of used nuclear fuel. This plan was developed with the input of a broad cross-section of Canadians and Indigenous peoples and was selected as Canada’s plan by the Government of Canada in 2007. 

Canada’s plan includes centrally containing and isolating used nuclear fuel in a deep geological repository. The plan also involves transporting the used fuel from interim storage locations where it is currently stored to the repository site. Transportation is expected to begin in the 2040s and last approximately 40 years – but now is the time to seek your feedback on how a socially acceptable plan can be developed with the public.

This survey invites your feedback on an early planning document: a draft framework for the transportation of used nuclear fuel. It has been developed through several years of dialogue among Canadians and Indigenous peoples. We are inviting you to review elements of the framework, identify where we have listened well, and what additions and changes need to be made.

This is an opportunity for the public, including those who are new to Canada’s plan, to get involved, learn more and help shape future plans and discussions.

All responses will be kept confidential.
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