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Junior/Senior High Teacher Survey

About You

We want to learn more about your thoughts, understandings and attitudes about agriculture.

Your responses will help us strengthen and improve the project AGRICULTURE program and resources. Your responses will be used in aggregate and we will not evaluate individual responses.

The survey will ask you to indicate whether you are completing it before or after implementing the project AGRICULTURE program. If this is the first time completing the survey, please revisit it after you implement activities or a project-based approach to provide your additional insights and suggestions.

1. What grade level(s) do you teach? Please select all grade levels that have applied to your teaching assignment over the last two years.

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2. In what setting do you teach?

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3. What subjects do you teach? Please indicate all subject areas you have taught within the last two years.


4. Are you completing this survey before or after you’ve implemented any of the activities in the project AGRICULTURE program?

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