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CANOSC Mary Ann Keenan & Phillippe Denormandie Prizes Essay Submission

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The essay should review a topic relevant to spasticity including but not limited to: treatment, collaborative care, neuro-orthopedics etc...

These prizes will consist of a $1,000 CAD stipend, accommodation and registration to attend our yearly CANOSC congress (Typically held in May).

The submission will be graded according to content, originality, thoroughness of the literature review, style and organization. The essay, in either of French or English, should not exceed 4,000 words (excluding references) and be accompanied by an abstract of not more than 250 words.


  1. Writing must be concise, clear, and grammatically correct.
  2. Authors are encouraged to include a statement that describes the potential translational impact of the study results.
  3. Technical information pertaining to observations and conclusions cannot be withheld for proprietary reasons. It is not acceptable to state that ""results will be discussed"".
  4. All abbreviations should be defined when first used.
  5. If used, references should be given in parentheses without authors or title by provided Index-Medicus-listed Journal abbreviations without punctuation followed by the year, volume number and inclusive page numbers. (Example: CJP 2012; 35:151-169).
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