Fully Accessible Surveys

Design Surveys Anyone Can Access Anywhere

Whether your concern is meeting Section 508 guidelines or multiple language requirements, SurveyGizmo provides the functionality you need.

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Ensure surveys are easy to navigate & mobile compatible

Accessible Survey Designs

Our customers tell us we’re the most accessible survey tool on the market. We meet Section 508 guidelines & the British DDA (Disability Discrimination Act). Our surveys and application are screen reader and keyboard navigable.

Mobile-Compatible Surveys

Everyone checks their email on mobile devices now. What would happen if someone clicked on your survey link and it didn’t work on their device? That’s a recurring nightmare we often have. Luckily, it’s never come true.

International UTF-8 Support

Our UTF-8 compatible survey software allows you to customize your surveys to span across language barriers. You can also enter your own translations and let respondents choose from a menu of languages within your survey.

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