Integrate Surveys & Salesforce

Enjoy Next Level CRM Sophistication With Salesforce

Once integrated, your surveys push data to Salesforce, automatically creating and updating lead profiles. For existing contacts, SurveyGizmo pulls profile information, so you never ask the same question twice.

Integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce integration doesn’t stop at lead profiles. With Marketing Cloud, survey responses can trigger immediate email responses, from promotional and transactional to customer service follow-ups.

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More Salesforce flexibility than any other platform

Pull from Salesforce

Personalize and customize the experience on your forms and surveys by pulling information from your Salesforce account into SurveyGizmo. Greet respondents by name and drive form logic to show only the best content and questions.

Push to Salesforce

Make your data actionable in Salesforce in real time. Push the data collected in SurveyGizmo forms and surveys to standard or custom objects, making the data available to drive workflow rules, reporting dashboards and more.

Create New Records

Leverage the information collected with SurveyGizmo by creating new records in Salesforce. Work with Salesforce standard objects or with custom objects you've created in Salesforce.

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