Reliable & Secure Data Platform

Secure Architecture Built on Industry Best Practices

We take data security very seriously. Your data is protected with numerous anti-hacking measures, redundant firewalls, and constant security scans. Through Amazon Web Services (AWS) we have a fault-tolerant, Highly Available (HA), and scalable infrastructure.

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You collect the data. We'll keep it safe.

HIPAA Compliant

As a HIPAA Business Associate, our survey software has features available for HIPAA-compliant surveys. If you require a Business Associate Agreement (BA), please contact an account manager.

Scalable Infrastructure

We employ redundant firewalls and load balancers to protect against intrusion and surges in traffic volume. We also offer a 99% uptime guarantee for survey takers and application users.

In Case of Emergency...

We offer an emergency line that lets our customers call us anytime. Up against a deadline, pulling an all-nighter, and suddenly something goes wrong? Call us. We’ll do everything we can to get things fixed.

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